Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Smile smile n smile~         heee. Erm, A buat calculus, B buat statics, C statics, D statics and so on.. haih.. Aku yg asyik buat statics suddenly change to calculus. Bukak2, tengok.. and sampai sekarang still looking that book. haha. Tak tahu nak start dari mane.. erm, a few minutes ago, my dear friend Waniey or Syaz.. (haha) chat box with me. and she said, "untunglah dah ade blog.. eeeuuuwww!" Die kan... hahaa. like i said, im a beginner here ok. hehe. but it's ok. idm act ;) This is her. Saje nak introduce.. hikhik
Khairul Syazwani :D

Haha. ni dah macam promote Waniey ni.. hehe. Ok. i realize, i out of my topic now. Takpe lah. Blog aku kan :D  For those who take or will take MECHY , i hope you must strong and can finishing your course. These statics,physics and calculus 1 , you will face them and sit for the final exam in second semester for dip ok. Even, these killer subjects are tough, please proceed it till last. Jangan lah once tu terlintas kan kat otak, 'susahlah..nak tukar kos lah.baru part 2. tak tertinggal sgt ni'. Don't you ever think like this! DON'T!! EVER!! Mintak kat Allah supaya segala ilmu tu masok teros dalam otak and jgn keluar2.. Kite pon jgnlah tolong ilmu tu keluar kan.. Buat kan practice, tanye senior, have an appoinment with our lect.. Don't be lazy to meet lect. They are the best source you can find. hmmm. Memang tak gerak ni calculus aku.. haha. Ok lah. Aku pon nak sambung doing some revision (yelah tu).. haha. Ape2 jelah. Stop here first. Nyte for sleepy beauties and handsomies. haha. Memang perosak bahase. ;P ok ok. Tak ter-stop pulak. Morning for all who excluding the sleepiest. Bye, assalamualaikum~


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Fill My Bore ;D

Assalamualaikum all.. GM n GE as well.. i just woke up at 2 pm.. haha. hmmm. any topic?? idk.pic atas ni pon tade kene mengene kan?? ;D  haaa. my friends ask me hang out with them from last sunday but i feel so lazy since i arrived from penang.. why?? idk actually. haha. emm, maybe i want to stay at home before BALIK KE PENANG !!! yeah! yesterday, baru buat my statics tutor till 5 am.. the rest i will open and do it after update this. hehe. tak tau kenape malas sgt.. sindrom ni mmg ade since i am a hosteliete lagi.. hahaha. why?? idk :D erm, mcm mane lah bloggers yg lain boleh post banyak cerite? huhu. diorang creative kot. #ayatsedapkanhati ;) erm, i think i stop here. later, i will find interesting story so that i can post here and share. haha. ok, wasalam.
                                    :HAVE A NICE DAY:

Monday, 26 December 2011


Well, i don't know what to write about now. i just created this and time already 4.11 am! Ya Allah.. what im doing now.. my eyes, my head... ouch! it's better i go off to bed now. haha. later, i will update this.. hehe. NYTE ALL n have sd ok.. :) assalam