Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Fill My Bore ;D

Assalamualaikum all.. GM n GE as well.. i just woke up at 2 pm.. haha. hmmm. any topic?? idk.pic atas ni pon tade kene mengene kan?? ;D  haaa. my friends ask me hang out with them from last sunday but i feel so lazy since i arrived from penang.. why?? idk actually. haha. emm, maybe i want to stay at home before BALIK KE PENANG !!! yeah! yesterday, baru buat my statics tutor till 5 am.. the rest i will open and do it after update this. hehe. tak tau kenape malas sgt.. sindrom ni mmg ade since i am a hosteliete lagi.. hahaha. why?? idk :D erm, mcm mane lah bloggers yg lain boleh post banyak cerite? huhu. diorang creative kot. #ayatsedapkanhati ;) erm, i think i stop here. later, i will find interesting story so that i can post here and share. haha. ok, wasalam.
                                    :HAVE A NICE DAY:

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